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        Sign Up for Our Mail Forwarding Service Now

        We provide a wide variety of Delaware mail forwarding services, including an innovative virtual office service, to suit your company's needs. Many clients do not have a physical address other than their home offices; others want to establish a U.S. presence.

        Our service provides you with a Delaware mailing address where we can receive postal and courier mail on your behalf before forwarding it along to you.


        Our virtual office is a more comprehensive version of our mail forwarding plans. In addition to an address in Delaware, you also get a unique Delaware phone number with a 302 area code. This number can be forwarded to any other phone number in the U.S., Mexico or Canada. You can also update the forward number as needed.

        This plan costs just $299 per year and includes digital forwarding of up to 520 pieces of mail.




        火箭的比赛Who can sign up for your mail forwarding service?火箭的比赛

        Our plans are available to anyone with a Delaware company who appoints Harvard Business Services as their Registered Agent. You can add mail forwarding service as soon as you form a new Delaware company or you can change your Registered Agent to Harvard if you have an existing company with another agent.


        火箭的比赛Does mail forwarding include physical forwarding or only digital scans?火箭的比赛

        Our mail forwarding plans are for digital scans of the mail we receive addressed to your company. We can forward the original, physical piece to your address upon request for an additional cost.


        火箭的比赛How will I be permitted to use this address? Can I list it as my physical office address?火箭的比赛

        When listing the official physical address of your business, such as for the Registered Agent communications contact for a new company or for the IRS when applying for an EIN, you 火箭的比赛cannot 火箭的比赛use our address. Your actual, physical address where you are located is required.

        Here are some additional examples of how you may and may not use our address as a Mail Forwarding client:

        火箭的比赛Permitted Uses:火箭的比赛
        • Payment address for customer invoices
        • Delivery address for general mail
        • Delaware Registered Agent address
        • Mailing/contact address on your website
        • Mailing address on EIN application
        • Mailing address on bank documentation
        火箭的比赛Prohibited Uses:火箭的比赛
        • Physical business location address
        • Business address on EIN application
        • Credit card/merchant processing
        • Company address on Google Maps or other mapping services
        • Company address for an Amazon Seller (FBA) account
        • Utility service address
        • Association of our address with a "Doing Business As" name or different company name than the one we have on file

        This is not an exhaustive list of permitted and prohibited uses. In general, you may 火箭的比赛not 火箭的比赛use the address in any way that suggests you or your company is physically located at our address.

        Additional detail is available in "Exhibit A" of our Mail Forwarding Agreement.


        火箭的比赛What is actually located at your mail forwarding address?火箭的比赛

        The address you will use – 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewes, DE 19958 – is our physical office location. This is our headquarters and our staff works from this location Monday through Friday.


        火箭的比赛Can I have packages sent to the mail forwarding address?火箭的比赛

        Yes, we can receive and forward packages to your physical address for an additional shipping and handling cost. However, our facility is not set up to handle high volume shipments. We ask that you keep package shipments to our address to a minimum.


        If you have any other questions, you can contact our Mail Center via phone at 1-800-345-2677, Ext. 6903 or email. We thank you for your business


        View the 火箭的比赛Mail Forwarding Agreement.


        火箭的比赛*Please note that signing up for our mail forwarding service does not permit you to use our address on any U.S. IRS forms, business license, RFP applications or on your company's website as a physical address. However, you may use our address as a mailing address or return address if you subscribe to this service.火箭的比赛

        Since 1981, Harvard Business Services, Inc. has helped form 225,978 Delaware corporations and LLCs for people all over the world.

        Registered Agent Service

        Harvard Business Services, Inc. guarantees your annual Delaware Registered Agent Fee will remain fixed at $50 per company, per year, for the life of your company.

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