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        The HBS Blog offers insight on Delaware corporations and LLCs as well as information about entrepreneurship, startups, cryptocurrency, venture capitalism and general business topics.

        6 Benefits of Registering Your Trademark By
        should I register my trademark
        A trademark is typically the business name or company logo; it is important to have a unique, memorable name or emblem so your customers can easily identify your business amongst your competitors... Read More
        Delaware Corporate Law Structure & the Corporate Veil By
        delaware court of chancery
        The corporate veil is essentially the concept that maintains corporate law throughout the world. Without the ability to act as its own entity, how else could companies transact business?.. Read More
        Par Value: How Low Can You Go? By
        Par value is the lowest limit set to the value of a share of stock in a corporation. Shares can be sold for more than par value, but not less... Read More
        Best Registered Agent for a Non-Profit Corporation By
        We will prepare and file this form for our exact cost of $5 for a Non-Profit Corporation, plus we'll give you your first year's agent fee for free. We generally receive the date-stamped copy back typically within 3 to 5 business days as we make the process as easy and stress free as possible... Read More
        How to Convert Your LLC to a Corporation By
        how to convert llc to corporation
        The most common reason to change an LLC to a corporation is that the company needs to be able to issue shares of stock in order to bring on investors or raise venture capital | Convert an LLC to a corporation... Read More
        鼓手贝贝Samantha Nielsen, 2020 Student Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner By
        The winning idea is a non-profit enterprise focused on individualized learning through the use of study coaches. In particular, the business would seek to address the lack of resources typically available to “neurodivergent” students – that is, those who do simply do not learn as well as others through the standard tools and formats... Read More
        Is Venture Capital Right for Your Business? By
        Venture capitalists invest money into young businesses in exchange for an ownership stake and usually invest on behalf of a pool of investors... Read More
        What Is Sunbiz.org? By
        Similar to the Division of Corporations in Delaware, SunBiz is the website for the official Florida Division of Corporations. People use this website to get information and file documents directly with the State of Florida... Read More
        How Do You Change Your Business Name with the IRS? By
        change your business name with the IRS
        Under most circumstances, changing your business name will not require a new EIN, but you will typically have to notify the IRS. There are two main ways to so.. Read More
        Honest Services Fraud – Violating a Duty through Bribes or Kickbacks By
        Honest services fraud is a powerful tool in prosecutors’ hands. It is not always intuitive, and the elements of the crime are sufficiently malleable to fit a broad swath of situations involving bribery or kickbacks... Read More
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